Let's not and say we did


I am so going to let Cole get away with everything. Cole, you can hoard whatever you want, just go for it. You want a barrel full of daggers? Take it. You want a whole wheel of cheese? It’s yours. 



reverse werewolves. wolves that turn into confused but excited humans every month at the full moon and run around doing weird human stuff until they wake up the next day in the middle of an office with a suit loosely draped over their wolf form

Alpha werewolves excitedly crashing Home Depot and getting tons of hammers and wrenches and lumber all like I’M GONNA BUILD A DECK!!!




How to make comics

My first vine

hahaha I wish ! 

I finally know what I want my super power to be.


You guys know they did Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf live with an orchestra and several choirs and dancers, right?

Man, Rob. You’ve come a long way. I’m proud of you.


@god why did you allow this to happen to one of your angels


@god why did you allow this to happen to one of your angels


Tumblr on November 1st

sirius black: heck yes I'm out of Azkaban
sirius black: right plan a kill that motherfucker wormtail little fucking
sirius black: actually maybe I should check on harry first
sirius black: in disguise obvs
sirius black: will the fact my disguise is also an omen of death affect this damaged and targeted child in any way
sirius black: nah
closet cosplay the winter soldier

omg omg omg thank u this was so much fun

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What are you fighting for? The future of humanity, as evidenced by the perfect Miss Lawson?


My masterpiece of a tweet


My masterpiece of a tweet


Deleted scene from The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug [x]


can I just say that I am so happy Cole seems to hang out in Skyhold’s tavern.

he isn’t in the dungeon, he isn’t lurking under the stairs, he’s not in the corner of some quiet room which is in a state of disrepair, he’s not creeping in the basement

think about the poor lost kid he used to be like, living in the dark bowels of the White Spire, alone, never going outside, reacting to people like a wary animal, afraid

now he spends his time in the warmth and clamour of a populated tavern. yeah he’s quietly in the background, people-watching, but he’s there, there with people and noise and merriment and singing and light


If it were up to me, it would be today.
Victoria Alonso, executive VP, on when Marvel Studios will announce a female-led superhero film  (via katiebshop)




His face as Miss Jenny curses amuses me to no end.

Lol priceless.

It’s a cross between shock and “girl….give me deets?”


Happy Levimas ya all